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About Brad:
I suffer from hyperplastic obesity! There, I said it! I was Obese as a child (my folks affectionately called it being "Husky") and I have been obese as an adult at different times in my life. My life was a series of gaining weight, trying a new diet, losing the weight, and then shortly thereafter - gaining it ALL back and more. Something called yo-yo dieting.
Eventually, I ended up on medication for anxiety, acid-reflux, depression, and erectile dysfunction. I suffered from hyperglycemia,(high fasting blood sugar level)  hypercholesterolemia,(my 'good 'cholesterol was low and my 'bad' cholesterol was high) and morbid obesity - the trifecta of metabolic syndrome.
Good News - I am now off all those meds as I no longer suffer from those conditions!
Finally, I realized that immediate changes were needed or my death would come much too soon. So this time, instead of some "quick-fix diet", I made gradual, but significant lifestyle changes. I went from consuming 15-25 drinks a week to none. I stopped  eating a very large dish of ice cream many nights in front of the TV to eating a cup of nonfat yogurt instead. Friday night fish frys with french fried potatoes were replaced with home baked wild caught salmon & baked sweet potato fries.
However, I soon realized my existing knowledge wasn't enough so I enrolled with the American College on Exercise and became a certified Lifestyle&Weight Management Coach. And because I am also getting up in years, I enrolled with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and became a certified Senior Fitness Specialist. Both of these certifications strongly complement my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education Broadfield.
It is now my mission in life to share what I have learned about permanently controlling obesity and non-abusive, low impact exercise to start YOU on your way to a new, slimmer, fitter YOU!
Do you suffer from obesity and other co-morbid afflictions? CALL ME - I CAN HELP!
Are you no longer a "spring chicken" but would like to get fit without abusing your body? Have you gained patience and wisdom with age but lost muscle tone and energy? CALL ME - I CAN HELP!
Would you like to train and workout in the privacy of your own home? CALL ME - I WILL COME TO YOU!
CALL: (262) 617-2749
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